These are different sized digital ads made for a variety of placements on multiple devices, apps, and websites. The smaller ones are designed specifically for mobile displays. We’ve produced over 150 different ads in categories respective for each page on These are targeted uniquely for each theme.

The first 14 samples are animated GIFS which cycle through three slides two times then stop on the last slide. Refresh the page to see them start over.


These videos have been used in Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn sponsored posts and ads as well as on the site and in Google ads. Our next planned set of videos is to briefly interview and feature Elkhart County workers who have moved in from other states, which we have found through comments on social media.


These are actual LinkedIn posts used as sponsored content in targeting people who worked for companies that closed or moved offshore.


These are actual Facebook, Instagram, and Third Party Apps sponsored content and ads (not necessarily posted in the EDC’s newsfeed) used in targeting people who fit our¬†target audience as well as additional targeting factors depending on the particular ad message and landing page destination.