Education Jobs in Elkhart County, IN

All listed positions come from Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed job boards. By clicking on any of the posts, you’ll be taken to the actual position listing on the respective job website. There are many Elkhart County jobs not listed here because they may not have been posted to these feeds.

Sometimes the search terms we use also can be used to describe positions or employers which don’t match our heading. Just keep scrolling, there’s more! Thank you!

Because several public schools’ positions may not be listed on Monster, CareerBuilder or Indeed, please look at these Elkhart County public school employment pages by school district.

Elkhart County Community Schools


The success of our school systems determines the success of our county’s future. Fortunately, our school systems our growing with us. For a rewarding career in education, browse our education jobs in Elkhart County. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, click the link to see job postings for specific community schools. 

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