Quick Tips to Find “The Right” Candidate

We all know it can be overwhelming to fill your open role.  You need to find the right candidate quickly and with all the resources at your fingertips it can be overwhelming to know where to start and how to manage the information coming in.   Here are some quick tips!

Always take some time and look at your internal candidates.  Do you have someone that has the potential to grow? Promoting from within can lead to retaining future leaders and fostering a more positive atmosphere among your team members.

Set aside a block of time every day to review resumes.  Consider, setting up alerts on your job posting platforms so you know when you are receiving resumes that match your criteria.  Respond quickly as top candidates move fast in this market!

Use social media to your advantage!  This is a great way to get the word out on open positions.  To be extra effective, encourage sharing team or Company pics from team members who have positive view points about the company.  Promote your culture by sharing photos and videos that show what your company values, and provide contact information where interested candidates can reach out with questions.   Make sure to have someone constantly monitoring your account to ensure candidates questions are being responded to in a timely manner.

Now more than ever candidates are interested in knowing what benefits and perks you offer.  Make sure to highlight the benefits that set you apart.  Does your company have flexible work hours, remote work opportunities, health and wellness programs, and 401k match?  Highlight these in your postings!

ALWAYS BE LOOKING! You can find talent anywhere and everywhere.  If you are looking for a customer support position don’t be afraid to have that dialogue with a server or cashier that is providing excellent customer service.

Take a deep breath, set your schedule and make a plan.  Combining these tips will help you find your perfect match!


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