Why High-Quality Job Descriptions & Postings Matter in Hiring

Every company knows having job descriptions on file is important, but job descriptions are so much more than just another document – especially when you’re looking to attract new talent.  If you want top candidates to apply and find the right fit, you need to make sure your job stands out from the crowd and accurately describes the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to meet the position outcomes.

Create a Job Posting from your lengthy job description to highlight the key areas of the job; this will create an easier read and narrow done the scope to what really matters.  Evaluate the core elements of the job to be sure these include “how” the person in the role will meet the outcomes required.  Also, take time to review your job titles to ensure they accurately describe the position and level of responsibility. 

At the top of the Job Posting include energetic summaries of the Company, position, and benefits.  You want to capture their attention of “Why your job” right from the start; then candidates can review the position details. 

Honesty within a job material is another crucial element. Don’t overinflate responsibilities or underplay challenging aspects of the role.  You risk attracting unqualified or overqualified candidates, while wasting your time and theirs.  Maintain their attention by keeping the job posting concise and choose your words carefully to ensure you’re accurately communicating what the role entails.

Job descriptions and postings are a crucial piece of every organization, and they can be  valuable tools as you seek to recruit the best talent.  Now, go find your next best “Right Fit”!

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